Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - How do I know your items / signatures are genuine?

Answer- Your guarantee of authenticity comes in the form of the COA,(Cerrtificate of Authenticity) that we provide with each item bought. Each item has a unique number as each signature is unique. We also offer a lifetime guarantee to all our customers, so if you were ever to find that an item we supplied you with was not 100% genuine we would give you your money back. This has never happened and we are happy to offer this becauuse we know all of our items are gennuine.

Q2 - How do you get all the signatures?

Answer - Where possible we meet with the personalities and have them sign the items we provide. Any signatures that we do not personaally acquire by informal meeting or signing session, we only source from registered companies that are checked by Trading standards.

Q3 - I have an item of memorabillia that I was looking to sell - would you buy it from me?

Answer - No, we do not buy from the general public only from registered companies. However if you go to autographs of the world online they do buy from the general public.

Q4 - I have some memorabillia from ... year and signed by ...., how much is it worth?

Answer - firstly we are not memorabilia valuers, and there are many factors that have to be considered when putting a value on such items. Depending on the person who has signed it, the year it was signed , whether it is framed or not, and also the legitamacy of the proof accompanying the item the prices can vary. Without seeing the items we are unable to give accurate figures and any figure we would give you would be an estimate on what we would sell the item for - not an accuraate valuation. But just FYI - if you were given the item, and there is no photographic / written proof the person signed the item it is not worth anything, as it isn't definatley real.

Q5 - Do you have ...... an item in stock / are you able to get it as I can't see it on your website?

Answer - If the item in question isn't on our website then we don't currently have it in stock, however we could get it but the price would be dependent on the rarity of the item, eg for an Elvis item / Michael Jackson it would cost thousands. We are able to get back to our customers with prices on specialist items, but only serious enquiries please.

Q6 - Can you get any signed items by the smaller football clubs, eg Leeds united, Millwall , Maidstone Fc?

Answer - If you are interested in any of the clubs / teams from the lower leagues then please contact us and we can advise you on the avaliability of these items.

Q7 - I ordered an item from you on tthe ??/??/?? and I haven't received it yet - when will it arrive?

Answer - All of our U.K deliveries take 7 - 10 WORKING DAYS, if it has not yet been 10 WORKING DAYS then please remain patient your item is on it's way. If you ordered your parcel over 10 WORKING DAYS ago then please call us on 07507465197 and we will advise you of any delay to your item and when it will arrive.